Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm still alive

Yikes! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on my blog. Things have been pretty crazy the past six months. Brian got back from Iraq the end of September and we had lots of family time to catch up on. Hunter didn't even know who he was so it took a few months until he really knew who "Daddy" was, and that he was staying around. Connor was absolutely thrilled to get his best friend back.

The end of November we had all of our furniture packed up and sent back to the states. The month of December was super busy. Brian flew back to Georgia for a few days and bought us our first house. We spent Christmas in Garmisch which was a total disaster. The second day there the kids got some horrible stomach bug which they gave to us so we all spent the whole vacation in the room throwing up. Yuk! Here are a couple of photos of the hotel. Since I didn't leave it the whole time I only had a few (the steam is coming from the hot tub).

After Christmas we moved out of our house and into a hotel for about a week, then flew back to the states. Because we weren't closing on our house for a few weeks, it was back into another hotel...not much fun with two small kids in the middle of winter. After buying a new truck and a bunch of furniture, we closed on the house and were finally able to move in. It's taken a few months to unpack everything and get it all organized. I finally have a scrap room, well it's half scrap room half spare bedroom, but at least I have half a room to myself instead of just a closet! I'll have to take photos one of these days. I have made a bunch of cards over the past few months so I'll post them bit by bit. Keep an eye out and thanks for checking out my blog.

Here's a photo of our new house too:

Have a great day,